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Cadillac Rolls Out New Design for its Dealerships

While the bigwigs at General Motors are mulling to expand production of Cadillacs outside of North America before the end of 2012, here in the States, the focus is on improving the customer experience at the brand’s dealerships. Today, the Detroit automaker rolled out a new design for Cadillac showrooms that will become the standard across the country.
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Mark Higgins breaks Isle of Man TT circuit record with Subaru WRX STI sedan

For any sports car in the world, a record-breaking Nurburgring lap is one of the most important deciding factors of its credibility. However, there is another place in the world where records are just as important – the Isle of Man. Located in the Irish Sea between the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, within the British Isles, the Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency.
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Eric Leong’s Radical 2015 Toyota Prius Design Study

As part of last year’s Toyota Design Internship, industrial designer Eric Leong produced this interesting take on the third-generation Toyota Prius for the year 2015.

By acknowledging that wind resistance is one of the key factors in improving vehicle economy, Leong’s Prius III hybrid is extremely slippery. Described by the designer as moving, “through [the wind], not into it”, this design study channels air over its surface through a series of vanes.
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Report: China reboots Cash For Clunkers program

If there’s been a single reason for hope among auto executives during the past few lean years, it’s been spelled C-H-I-N-A. Despite being a difficult regulatory environment with many hoops for automakers to jump through, the People’s Republic has shone as the industry’s brightest and biggest hope for big volumes and bigger profits. Certainly, the nation has delivered massive sales increases as it has developed into a global superpower, and its population and growing wealth suggests it should be good for many more millions of sales per year. Thing is, recent sales haven’t supported this trend, and the Chinese government is reportedly stepping in to try and remedy the problem.
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BMW leads rivals in global premium sales

BMW is leading the 2011 race for the best-selling global premium brand, breezing past its fellow German rivals with a 19 percent increase in sales for the month of May.

The BMW brand sold 121,168 vehicles worldwide in May while Audi sold 113,400 and Mercedes-Benz 108,766 units.
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