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Unique Fleet Driver Training Scheme From Volvo And Ultimate Car Control

Volvo Car UK’s fleet division has teamed up with Ultimate Car Control to offer a unique training programme for company car drivers.

Ultimate Car Control has spent five and a half years developing its Excellence in Professional Driving (EPD) programme in a bid to create a scheme that fleets can use to meet their legal obligations and protect employees that use their cars for business purposes.
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Fiat to Supply Opel with Commercial Vehicles Made in Turkey

In this day and age, automakers are either buying each other up forming new groups or constantly deepening their cooperation with their counterparts. The Fiat Group, which recently acquired a 20% stake in Chrysler, is now expanding its commercial vehicle joint ventures to include GM’s European Opel and Vauxhall units.
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X-Ray Vision Gives Volkswagen A Virtual Training Advantage

Volkswagen is expanding the use of an innovative technique designed to give service personnel a new edge – by offering them an x-ray view ‘inside’ the car.

The company is using so-called Augmented Reality – the deliberate expansion of the real world using digital projections – to train Volkswagen teams worldwide to the highest levels, and to inform them about the development and technical innovations of new models.
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Report: GM considering CVTs to boost small car MPGs

It was just five years ago that General Motors pulled the plug on its attempt to using continuously variable transmissions in its small cars to help boost fuel economy, but new reports suggest the technology may live again at The General.
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Advanced Autozone

EVO drives the new Lancia Stratos

It’s a shame the Pininfarina Stratos probably won’t see widespread production. The car is hewn straight from the naughtiest of our automotive dreams, and with some of its aluminum bones borrowed from the Ferrari 430 Scuderia it promises to be as fun to fling as anything with four wheels. The crew at EVO was lucky enough to weasel their way behind the wheel of the lovely one-off, becoming the first journalists to do so in the process. That sound? It’s the noise our boundless jealousy makes when agitated.

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