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Rolls-Royce EV production looks doubtful

When Rolls-Royce unveiled the 102EX concept, at the Geneva Motor Show, the company hinted they were considering EV technology. However, initial feedback has been lukewarm at best.

According to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, many potential buyers live on the outskirts of major cities and the estimated 200km (124 miles) range wouldn’t be enough to meet their needs. He added, “Let’s wait and see what our customers are telling us, but hybrids have a certain capability to deliver both electric driving combined with a normal combustion engine, and that might be a solution.”
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Ronart W152 : 2011

The Ronart W152 is a British, hand built, high performance, two seater sports/racing car suitable for road and track use. Jaguar powered, the W152 has a uniquely individual style reminiscent of Formula One cars of the post war period.
This unique car is availble both as a factory built car to your individual specification, or in component form for the enthusiast to build using a Jaguar XJ.
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Advanced Auto NEWS

Ford predicts 50% global sales increase by 2015, return dividends

Ford’s Alan Mulally has looked into his crystal ball and he sees a bright future for Ford. Really bright.
According to the mid-decade report released earlier today at Ford, the folks at the Blue Oval are predicting global sales to increase by “approximately 50 percent” by 2015, which translates to 8 million annual global sales.
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Pagani Designer Envisions an Electric Sports Coupe

Now this is more like it. Antonio Bruno’s Electrodynamics Concept is an acrylic-bodied electric sports car design study for the 21st century. To me it sort of looks like an unlikely crossbreed between a Lamborghini Espada and a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, or maybe a next-generation Tesla Motors model. Bruno describes it thusly:

“The absence of a brand reference has contributed to the free forms and is totally devoted to aerodynamic influences and perceptions typical of product design. The upper dome is formed from a tinted acrylic component that stretches up to the front bumper, where it could hide the additional headlights.”

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Advanced Auto NEWS

Impressive New Six-Speed Transmission Heading to 2012 GM Cars

As I mentioned in my earlier Quick Drive report, the eAssist mild hybrid system performs well in the 2012 Buick LaCrosse, but to me the greater impression from that test drive was how well the next-generation six-speed-automatic transmission behaved. There’s hope for GM yet.

The LaCrosse is the first model to integrate the second generation of GM Powertrain’s GF6, the global front-wheel-drive six-speed automatic transmission. I’ve complained about hesitancy among GM automatics for years, including everything from the early Saturn Outlook (since retired) and current Cadillac CTS to the new Chevrolet Cruze. The kickdown delay on the Cruze is the single major blight on an otherwise excellent model.
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